March 29, 2016

IT Support

IT supportMore times than not, small business owners are spending time they don’t have trying to fix computer issues. We’ve been there, too, and understand your frustration. Our team aims to deliver fast issue resolution so you and your team can get back to business. Another option to consider is if your team has grown big enough to warrant a network – Acuity supports your IT needs – small and large.


Help Desk

Let us answer your questions and fix issues that you might be having with your computer. We offer a ticket and chat service where you can get support 5 days a week.

Managed Services

We can provide you with anti-virus software, document backup services, software patches and updates and pro-active monitoring of your computer’s performance.

Cloud Services

Join the millions of other small businesses that have moved to host their email, productivity software and servers in the cloud. Acuity can assist you with the setup, installation and maintenance of your virtual setup.


Acuity can procure, provision and deploy new computers and servers. Along with helping you evaluate needs, we can also help maintain and upgrade equipment.


We offer software procurement and licensing for small businesses. Additionally, we have many years of experience with software implementation, configuration and training.

IT Advisory

Acuity can help you develop your IT policy, plan for disasters and recovery from them. If you are contemplating setting up a new network or have an IT project in mind, we would love to help out.





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